Founded in 2005, we believe that the Walla Walla Valley terroir is capable of producing distinctive red wines that rival the finest of the Old and New World regions. Waters produces just a few thousand cases of small-lot bottlings each year, aimed at reflecting the unique character of each varietal and the qualities of the land that they come from.   

Few on the Washington Wine scene can claim ‘rockstar’ status. However, if you delve into our winemaker’s not-so-distant past, indeed you would find him holding a Stratocaster in one hand and a mic stand in the other. The connection between wine and music is indisputable—just ask Jamie.

As Jamie Brown will gladly concede, his love and knowledge of making music has helped him become an intuitive winemaker. “Just as songwriting to me means anticipating a melody without changing its natural direction; winemaking entails appreciating what nature gives you in order to shape the way a wine is made.”   Waters’ unique single vineyard Syrahs are a testament to winemaker, Jamie Brown’s appreciation for the unique expressions each vineyard and vintage bestows. 

With tasting rooms in both Walla Walla and Seattle, Waters Winery offers a unique experience and exceptional wines to please every guest.  See our website for tasting room locations and hours.

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