Mercer Wines

Mercer Wine Estate

The Mercer family farming tradition spans five generations.  The Mercers have been actively managing the same property in Washington since 1886, first raising row crops and livestock, and today overseeing 2000 acres of vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA.  The family involvement in the wine industry began in 1972 when Don and Linda Mercer were the first to plant wine grapes in the Horse Heaven Hills after being encouraged by Washington wine industry icon, Dr. Walter Clore.  In 2005, Rob and Brenda Mercer founded Mercer Wine Estates, which includes three tiers of estate wines plus a single label dedicated solely to charity: Mercer Estates, Mercer Estates Reserve, Mercer Canyons and Eagle & Plow. The Mercers are known throughout eastern Washington for their stewardship of the land, conservation efforts, patriotism and continued contributions to the community.

agriculturalist | [ag-ri-kuhl-cher-aul-ist] | noun

  1. More than viticulturists or farmers, modern experts in the field of agriculture.
  2. True stewards of the land.
  3. Those who are responsible for, and take joy in, maximizing the environmental and social value of the land in their care.

We are 5th Generation Agriculturalists (not to mention pioneers and conservationists).


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