Kiona Vineyards

Kiona Vineyards

I will spare you the marketing spin and keep it really simple. In 1975 my family started Kiona Vineyards and Winery. We plant grapes. We grow grapes. We make those grapes into wine. And then we sell wine. So here it goes:
We plant grapes: My Grandfather decided to pour his life savings into planting a 12 acre vineyard on a desolate swatch of dirt and sagebrush that would later be called the Red Mountain AVA. He had to bring in power, lay down a gravel road, and dig a well. People thought he was nuts. Back then one could not Google “grow wine grapes in Washington state” with any degree of success. But here we are, several decades and 250+ acres later, sitting on one of the most sought-after vineyard sites in the hemisphere.

We grow grapes: Pretty self explanatory. Visitors to our tasting room are able to see firsthand the vineyards we use to make our wines. Abstract descriptions of far-off grape sources are not a part of our curriculum. My Dad is the vineyard manager. He’s pretty awesome.

We make those grapes into wine: Most wineries are just wineries and most vineyards are just vineyards. We do it all. Remember my awesome Dad, the vineyard manager? He is also our winemaker. From the time we put the plant in the dirt to the time we bottle the wine up and send it off into the world, we are responsible for our finished product. We work to capture the essence of our vineyard sites in every drop of wine that comes out of our cellar.

We sell wine: This is where I come in. And it’s where you come in. If you’re still reading this far down the page, I assume you have at least a passive interest in what we’re doing. We are a no-frills kind of bunch here at Kiona Vineyards and Winery. Whether it’s in our tasting room on Red Mountain, online, over the phone, or at your favorite local retailer or restaurant, we would be tickled to have you as a supporter of our wines.

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