Fidelitas, Latin for faithful, loyal, and true, is a family-owned winery and Red Mountain vineyard. Led by owner and veteran Washington State winemaker Charlie Hoppes, Fidelitas is faithful to Bordeaux grape varieties; loyal to modern craft winemaking; and true to the terroir of Red Mountain vineyards.

After more than a quarter century of working with the best vineyards in Washington state, Charlie decided to put down stakes on Red Mountain. He was drawn to this tiny AVA not so much for the similarities of the wines, but for the differences of the vineyards, which are uniquely expressed block by block, and clone by clone. The incredible diversity found within the 4,040 acres of the Red Mountain AVA gives Fidelitas all it needs to assemble the wines that are a study of the region as a whole.

Charlie began Fidelitas in 2000 as his family-owned winery, starting with just one product – the Optu Red Wine. Today, the Fidelitas product line up includes a selection of Bordeaux-style wines, focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon, and sourced exclusively from Red Mountain. Charlie opened a tasting room on Red Mountain in 2007, planted a 3-acre vineyard surrounding that facility in 2009, and recently finished an addition 9-acre planting in 2015. Fidelitas’ second tasting room, in Woodinville, opened in 2013 and serves as an extension of the original tasting room in design and educational components.

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