Our Story

As the story goes, the original family gathered together every autumn in their Calabrian village of Cotronei to create the year’s wine.

On and down through the generations, the family would gather in the fall each year to make wine and celebrate one another.

One of the sons moved his family west and lost the tradition. His own sons grew up not knowing how to make wine until one year when their grandfather Russell, whom everyone called Big Papa, came to visit. Their grandfather showed the boys how to pick the right grapes, how to crush them, how to nurture them until they were wine. The passion that had lived in their blood for generations sparked as the boys discovered who they were. When autumn came, they would be found around a table enjoying good company, with arms stained purple from juice.

Each boy raised his own family sharing in the annual custom. Before long, the younger brother, Daniel, gained a son through the marriage of his daughter, Angela. Kevin, the new family member, quickly took to the mysteries of winemaking.

EFESTE was founded on a family tradition of winemaking passed down through the generations. The idea for the winery emerged one night over dinner and a discussion of making a family label to enjoy with friends, family, and anyone else who would appreciate a glass of wine, a meal, and a good laugh. Founded in 2005, EFESTE has amassed an impressive list of accolades, including Wine Spectator Top 100 in 2011 and 2008.

Winemaking Philosophy

At EFESTĒ, we are committed to crafting wines with minimalist techniques such as native fermentation to encourage complexity and full, rich wines. The natural yeast within the grapes creates flavors unique to each particular vineyard. This brings out the true expression of the fruit allowing the grapes to speak for themselves. We encourage character; great wines should have personality.

One quote from the winemaker

“Reduction is the opposite of oxygenation; I manage oxygen. Reduction protects aroma.” 

– EFESTĒ Winemaker, Peter Devison on his reductive winemaking style.


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