Drumheller Wines

The wines of Drumheller are dramatic and distinct. The vineyards are located near Othello, Washington, on the periphery of the Columbia Valley. Due to the area’s flood deposits of quick-draining soil, the vines for Drumheller are forced to reach deep and grow strong. The Columbia Valley region’s fabled long, warm days, scant rain and cool evenings concentrate sugars and cause aroma and flavors to develop. The result is wines of impressive balance and character and unlike their powerful cousins from the center of the valley, Drumheller wines are more delicate and restrained.

The inspiration for Drumheller came from the Drumheller Channels that were created thousands of years ago when massive floods washed over eastern Washington and swept vast volumes of sandy, loamy soil into the Columbia Valley. Today, the beauty of the channels has achieved National Natural Landmark status, while the great natural gifts that revealed these rock formations help to create the wines that bear its name.

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