Cooper Wine Company

In the words of a famous, old-world philosopher, “From small beginnings come great things.” This is true, and we can prove it. With several years of planning, hard work and determination under our belts, our dream has transformed into a fantastic reality, producing something great we would like to share with you!

Cooper is part of the legacy of great Estate Wineries on Red Mountain in Eastern Washington state.  
A small, family-run operation, Cooper is all about Bordeaux-style reds; quality wines with character and balance crafted from our Estate Red Mountain vineyards – vineyards ripe with tried and true Bordeaux varietals, with a few fantastic nontraditional surprises once in a while.

As soon as you turn off Highway 224 onto Sunset Road, you can’t help but see the big red barn where Cooper is located. As you park in our lot, you will most likely be greeted by Bud (the GateKeeper), the Cooper’s chocolate lab and official greeter. He will lead you inside our tasting room, where our friendly staff (and most often our proprietor and winemaker) will be waiting to show off our best wines for you.

We would like you to consider Cooper something more than a great bottle of wine. We’re a lifestyle – a unique way to share with all wine enthusiasts our values of hard work, dedication to perfection and determination to always create a product and experience that is truly authentic and satisfying; it’s the Cooper way.  We would like you to enjoy our wines and feel a sense of place when you experience them.

We take a great sense of pride that we are a true boutique estate winery.  85% of our wine is produced for our wine club (CoopClub, with multiple different levels) and the balance is sold on site in our very casual tasting room.

As we have said from the beginning; It’s about people enjoying people… with a glass of great terroir driven wine in hand!

Welcome to the Cooper family!

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