New Contemporary Eatery and Bar, Drumheller’s and Vine, Open at Columbia Point

Drumheller’s Food & Drink and Vine Wine & Craft Bar, the newest addition in upscale, casual dining, craft cocktails, wine and beer, are elevating the dining and bar experience in the Tri-Cities. The new restaurant and bar are located within The Lodge at Columbia Point and are just steps away from the Columbia River walk, allowing customers to take-in stunning views while enjoying the seasonal fare, prepared by newcomer Chef Pauline Garza.

Drumheller’s was conceived by Tom Drumheller, who had the vision for a classic and lasting hotel that provided a unique but inviting dining and bar experience. Chef Pauline Garza, a Tri-Cities native and the first graduate from the Washington State University Hospitality Business Management program, worked closely with Drumheller to stay true to his vision.

“I’m proud to draw on my culinary philosophy and training to create a seasonal menu that reflects Tom’s goals, with cuisine that is vibrant and regional, but has a modern take,” said Chef Pauline Garza, Drumheller’s Food & Drink. “We want guests to be immersed in the authenticity of the ingredients and to enjoy food that is honest, flavorful and fun.”

Chef Garza’s signature dishes include Dungeness Crab Risotto with Asparagus, Ribeye Streak butter-basted with shallots, garlic and thyme, and five-spice duck with confit mushrooms, huckleberry and Asian bacon fava beans. Dessert favorites include Beignets with vanilla custard and fruit preserves, Farmhouse Cherry Pie and Chocolate Torte with coffee ganache and hazelnut brittle.

Drumheller’s intimate, 50-seat dining room is perfect for a date night, or dinner with friends. Open daily from 5 pm to 10 pm, customers will experience inventive, contemporary cuisine, skillfully prepared by Chef Pauline.

Vine’s 24-seat bar is an extension of the restaurant with its modern take on craft cocktails paired with Chef Garza’s bar bites. Wines are sourced from their 82 partner wineries within Washington’s highly acclaimed AVAs, alongside top shelf spirits from regional distilleries to deliver classically-focused cocktails with imaginative mixtures, and skillfully crafted beer by local and regional brew-smiths, Vine, open daily from 4 pm to 10 pm, offers something for everyone.

And, the location of both within The Lodge at Columbia Point is yet another highlight, as guests can wander throughout the Lodge’s indoor / outdoor seating areas, enjoying the rustic minimalist aesthetic and the inspiration and stories behind the décor.

“Drumheller’s and Vine are as much for the guests who stay at the Lodge as they are for Tri-City residents,” said Wendy Higgins, General Manager, The Lodge at Columbia Point. “We wanted to provide a location for people to come where they can enjoy good food and drinks as well as the ease of The Lodge, and of course the breathtaking view.” Higgins added, “Tom lived by the philosophy that it will be fun, and that’s what we hope to achieve for our customers – an inviting, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy
with family and friends.”

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