Columbia Point Spa

Richland, Washington

Our massage treatments are just the escape you want and need. The Columbia Point Spa has a diverse menu of lux spa treatments to choose from. Plan to make reservations soon, as our spa has limited availability and is by appointment only.

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Massage TypePrice
15 Minute Chair Massage$25
60 Minute Relaxation$110
60 Minute Relaxation In-Room$130
90 Minute Relaxation$150
90 Minute Relaxation In-Room$170
60 Minute Hot Stone$125
60 Minute Hot Stone In-Room$145
90 Minute Hot Stone$165
90 Minute Hot Stone In-Room$185
60 Minute Essential Oil$130
60 Minute Essential Oil In-Room$150
90 Minute Essential Oil$170
90 Minute Essential Oil In-Room$190
60 Minute Cupping$130
60 Minute Cupping In-Room$150
90 Minute Cupping$170
90 Minute Cupping In-Room$190
60 Minute Pregnancy$120
60 Minute Pregnancy In-Room$140
90 Minute Pregnancy$160
90 Minute Pregnancy In-Room$180
60 Minute Deep Tissue$120
60 Minute Deep Tissue In-Room$140
90 Minute Deep Tissue$160
90 Minute Deep Tissue In-Room$180

Facial TypePrice
The Lodge Facial – Our European spa facial includes deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, steam, mask and a massage of the face, neck and shoulders.$100
doTerra Reveal Facial – The doTerra Reveal Facial system is a two-step process involving essential oils, exfoliants and peptides that leave your skin smooth and glowing.$125
Acne Relief Facial – The smoothing and anti-inflammatory products of the doTerra HD Clear skin line help to calm acne. Includes extractions and 10% off any purchase of doTerra HD Clear products.$100

Call 509-713-7849 to book your appointment.

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