Travel Watch – Hospitality and Health Update

Please know that the wellbeing of our guests and employees remains our highest priority. We want to keep you informed of the precautions we are taking and the changes we’ve made to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

In this stressful time, we assure you we are fully open, welcoming guests without interruption, and devoted as ever to our promise of a great escape. We would be honored to host you for a getaway.

Assurance of our Hospitality

Our property has always maintained health and sanitation standards beyond those required by the Health Department and have recently increased our efforts to further address concerns around public safety. Our commitment to cleanliness and sanitation protocols are robust, with department specific procedures for everyone from housekeeping and laundry to food service and front desk. We will continue monitoring guidelines from health authorities and provide immediate support and training to our teams as needed.

  • All employees are trained on proper handwashing and hygiene, with comprehensive safety training for employees with frequent guest contact.
  • Housekeepers use proper handwashing between rooms and use gloves in stripping and disinfecting rooms, and a fresh pair of gloves to restock and resupply each room. Special attention to high-touch items has always been taken seriously and continues to be a focus. Laundry Departments follow similar protocol, with gloves and handwashing between handling dirty and clean laundry. Laundry receptacles are kept separate and disinfected regularly, along with folding surfaces for clean linen.
  • CDC approved sanitizers applied in every guest room and public area, with special attention to high touch items.
  • All food handling and safety protocols have been increased, and services modified according to Phased reopening guidelines.
  • Frequent disinfecting of all nonporous surfaces in public and communal areas.
  • Sanitation stations and signage in our lobby and public areas for guest use.
  • Development of Sanitation Officer to ensure best practices and adaptability with evolving guidelines.

Property Amenities

The current environment has required modifications to some of our traditional amenities.

  • We are following State guidance on gatherings which allow small groups and meetings. If you are planning a gathering or group event, please inquire with
  • Our fitness center is now open.
  • Our pool & hot tub are open. Enjoy!

Safe and Responsible Travel

We appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate this changing landscape

  • Check-In: Depending on availability of staff, we have two check-in stations in our lobby area. We ask that you respect social distancing (six feet) guidance while you wait.
  • Masks: Masks and face coverings are no longer required. In concurrence with CDC guidance, we encourage all unvaccinated persons to continue wearing masks or face coverings in public areas, and guests or staff who are more comfortable wearing them to continue to do so. Masks will remain available for our guests and staff to use.
  • Housekeeping Service: While routine stayover service is not provided but is available upon request.
  • Maintenance Assistance: Staff is available for maintenance needs upon request. Please respect recommended social distance if you remain in the room while the issue is addressed.
  • Social Distancing: Please follow recommended social distancing guidelines (six feet) when near other guests, in communal areas, and when interacting with our staff or other guests.
  • Community: Many of the services and businesses in our community have been affected by the pandemic or the reopening restrictions. Our team is happy to assist with up-to-date information on restaurants and attractions during your stay.
  • Check-Out: A contact-less check-out is encouraged. You are welcome to call the front desk when you depart, and we will confirm charges and email a receipt.
  • If you or a member of your party are sick, please stay home.

Moving Forward

We will remain adaptable and ready to respond swiftly and appropriately with any needed change, keeping our commitment to you and our employees the highest priority, along with the promise of a great escape. We welcome your calls and inquiries if you have questions, concerns, or feedback.

Thank you again for your continued confidence and support – we look forward to welcoming you soon.

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