Room Features

Room Features

We have a total of 80 rooms and suites, and no two rooms are exactly alike. Each room has its own unique architecture and design features.
The list below will help you become acquainted with your room. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call the Front Desk (dial “0” on your phone).

Heat and Air Conditioning

We have climate controlled rooms with the controls located on the wall near the entry door. If you prefer, we can control the temperature in your room from the Front Desk (both heat & AC).
Please let us know if you would like assistance.

Coffee Makers & Coffee

All rooms come with Mr. Coffee ®️ coffee makers and one packet each of Portland Roasters, regular and decaffeinated. If you are in need of an electric teapot, please contact the front desk.
IMPORTANT: Our coffee filter packs are each intended to make 4 cups of delicious coffee. Please contact the Front Desk for more coffee packets.
To operate, first fill the metal pot to the desired water level. Then, pour water into the top of the unit. The coffee comes in a filter pack so there is no need for a filter. Next, place 1 filter pack directly into plastic cup. Finally, turn on the coffee maker. When all is finished, you should have 4 cups of steaming hot coffee.


Turn on the television using the power button at the top of the remote. There is a list of available television stations on channel 2.


The gas fireplaces do an excellent job of heating the rooms. There is a switch (looks like a light switch) on the wall of the fireplace that ignites/extinguishes the fire.


There are two Lodge at Columbia Point bathrobes in your room. They are available for your use during your stay. If you would like to take one home, new robes can be purchased at the front desk.


There are two pair of complimentary Lodge at Columbia Point slippers provided for you. If you find that you need more, they are available to purchase at the front desk.

Air Jetted Tubs

Fill tub 4” above jets. Press the power icon on the key pad to start the jets. You can adjust the airflow by pressing the arrows up or down. To select an airflow mode, rotate the outer ring to desired setting, then press okay. When finished press the power icon to turn OFF the jets prior to draining tub.


Dial “0” to contact the Front Desk.
Press flashing message button to retrieve messages when the red light is blinking. Follow the prompts to listen to the message, and then follow the prompts to delete the message. This will turn off the blinking light.
Dial “8” to get an outside line. Local calls as well as 1-800 numbers are free.
509 area code is required for all local calls.